My Companion

Nowadays, I mostly travel with Shelly, my turtle, or Silky, my spider, because they are both able to pin a foe down while I pepper it from afar with piercing arrows. While Kitira was still living as a Night Elf, she mostly used a Frost Saber, because of the combination of Frost Saber mount, Frost Saber pet, and Frost Saber companion pet.

Still, there is only one true companion for Kitiralaysha. A pet she befriended way back when she was level<20: The Ghost Cat.

A Young Night Elf Huntress and Her Pet Cat
Years Later… Still Best Friends

I won’t claim that I was the first to tame one of the ghost saber cats – that would be absurdly unlikely – but I was surely among the very early ones. And a little proud that I figured it out by myself, rather than being told by others.

The cat did, by the way, accompany me to my life as an undercover agent among the Horde:

Undercover with a Ghost Cat