OOC: Bring me the head of the headless… oh, wait.

I was fairly lucky: I got three Headless Horseman horses this year (so far). Even if they increased the drop chance, this sounds unlikely. My Paladin got one, my Death Knight got one, well, and now Kitiralaysha also got one. The Headless Horseman horse is probably one of the most beautiful mounts in the game, in my opinion. Unfortunately, for my “dragon hunter” character, it won’t be quite so suitable, so this is an out of character post.

Red Proto-Drake Mount

I did not return from Northrend empty handed. I hunt dragons – but I do not always kill them. Sometimes, they prefer submission to death, and that’s how I came by this beautiful, if thick-headed and brutish, beast:

The red Proto-Drake was to be made into a set of bags, but instead it now carries me from place to place. So far it has been quite loyal, knowing well that my blade and especially my sure arrow are never out of reach.

Dragon Killed: Sindragosa

I was not part of the final assault on the Frozen Throne – but I did join in the battle that took down the Lich King’s undead dragon minion, Sindragosa.

The dracolich attacked us relentlessly, freezing our soldiers in ice blocks, and spewing icy breath from the air.

It did her no good. In the end her skeletal corpse was just another pile of bones on the floor.

Dragon Killed: Sartharion

The Black Dragonflight had assaulted the Ruby Sanctum. The Wyrmrest Accord – themselves not exactly very dear to me – asked the Alliance forces to assault the Sanctum in an attempt to kill the leader of the invading lizards: Sartharion. The Time and Tide mercenary group agreed to do the job, and as I have some expertise in disposing of these scaly beasts, I joined them in the assault.

Eight of us went inside. First we took on the three small cohorts of Satharion: Tenebron, Shadron, and Vesperon, before we engaged Sartharion himself.

The battle was short, fast-and furious, and fairly confusing, with meteor strikes bombarding us constantly, and huge flame waves sweeping over the battlefield time and again.

In the end, however, the fate that must come to all of these lizards also came to Sartharion, and he died with his disgusting blood oozing from a dozen wounds and, I am proud to add, an arrow protruding from his left eye.

Dragon Killed: Keristrasza

There really is not such thing as a good dragon unless it’s a dead dragon. Keristrasza once aided our armies in the fight against Malygos, but she was captured and… maltreated until she went insane. We had to enter The Nexus to kill this mad dragon, proving once more that these creatures are an inherent danger to all.

The dragon attempted to freeze us in place, and then to decimate us, but we kept moving to prevent getting frozen in place.

A few minutes later it was all over, and the dragon’s dead body lay on the floor. Azeroth is a little bit safer now.

Good riddance, reptile.