Transmogrification – First Attempt

This is my first real attempt at transmogrification. The pieces I need are hard to find – and it doesn’t help that I am (mostly) colorblind. So consider this a Work in Progress…

The Hunter's New Clothes, Before (right) and After (left)
The Hunter’s New Clothes, Before (right) and After (left)

…I still think it’s an improvement over the standard look for the normal gear.

Dragon Killed: Hemathion

I probably wouldn’t make an individual post about it, but this is kind of, sort of, special to me. Today I killed Hemathion, the rare Dragon in Blade’s Edge Mountain.

Hemathion is dead
Hemathion is dead

That’s not the special part. However, as you probably know, Blizzard has changed World of Warcraft achievements to be account-based rather than character based – a change I have waited for ever since achievements were introduced! As it turns out, I had already killed all the monsters needed for the “Bloody Rare” achievement – except Hemathion.

And so, after two days of checking at random intervals, Kitiralaysha now has an achievement worth of a hunter.

Bloody Rare, Indeed
Bloody Rare, Indeed

(I’ve probably killed most of the creatures with alts, but it still counts!)

Soloing: Auchenai Instances

Spent a bit of time today to catch up on old content. I managed to max out my Cenarion Expedition reputation; this gave me the title “Guardian of Cenarius” and allowed me to purchased the War Hippogryph. I did want both for Kitiralaysha.

After that, I did the four Auchenai instances solo. Again, this was not a challenge at all, except as a test of enduring boredom, but I got the achievements and can now move on on my slow quest to some actual solo challenges.

  • Auchenai Crypts HC
  • Mana-Tombs HC
  • Sethek Halls HC
  • Shadow Labyrinth HC

Next up is the Netherstorm stuff…

My Companion

Nowadays, I mostly travel with Shelly, my turtle, or Silky, my spider, because they are both able to pin a foe down while I pepper it from afar with piercing arrows. While Kitira was still living as a Night Elf, she mostly used a Frost Saber, because of the combination of Frost Saber mount, Frost Saber pet, and Frost Saber companion pet.

Still, there is only one true companion for Kitiralaysha. A pet she befriended way back when she was level<20: The Ghost Cat.

A Young Night Elf Huntress and Her Pet Cat
Years Later… Still Best Friends

I won’t claim that I was the first to tame one of the ghost saber cats – that would be absurdly unlikely – but I was surely among the very early ones. And a little proud that I figured it out by myself, rather than being told by others.

The cat did, by the way, accompany me to my life as an undercover agent among the Horde:

Undercover with a Ghost Cat