Dun Morogh

The Assault on Gnomeregan

After that encounter with the gnome in Stormwind Harbor I traveled to Ironforge for an audience with High Tinker Mechatorque.

The gnome-king explained the situation in so many words, then more or less drafted me into the newly raised Gnome Army. Our objective: Take back Gnomeregan, at any cost. We were to be supported by the latest and greatest in Gnome battlefield technology.

What could possibly go wrong?

My first job was to convince some actual Gnomes to sign up, and this was done with a device that seemed to have the function of a cattle prod. Oh well. At least it got them to stop chattering.

Then it was off to Kharanos, where the base camp had been set up. I got to see some of the latest and greatest battlefield technology in action, by being asked to test it. Not to actually use it in battle, mind you – Just to test it, to ensure that it was safe for the Gnome operators. I also had to conduct a bombing run on the occupied Gnome city.

Finally, all preparations had been completed. Mechatorque held what I am sure he considered a rousing speech, and then the Gnome Army, consisting largely of anything but gnomes, began to march on Gnomeregan.

We brought the surface under our control after a lengthy and costly battle, and then we descended into the depths of the city. Here, the battle began in earnest, as we were ambushed by Troggs at every corner.

Finally, we arrived at the underground train depot – Only to find that Thermaplug had set up a trap. A radiation device that was to kill us all!

Luckily, some smart gnome managed to teleport most of us back to Ironforge just seconds before the bomb went off, making Gnomeregan uninhabitable for many years.

The campaign was not an entire waste of innocent lives, however. The gnomes now hold the surface area of Gnomeregan, and hopefully they can gain control of their home over time.