Dragon Killed: Sindragosa

I was not part of the final assault on the Frozen Throne – but I did join in the battle that took down the Lich King’s undead dragon minion, Sindragosa.

The dracolich attacked us relentlessly, freezing our soldiers in ice blocks, and spewing icy breath from the air.

It did her no good. In the end her skeletal corpse was just another pile of bones on the floor.

Dragon Killed: Sartharion

The Black Dragonflight had assaulted the Ruby Sanctum. The Wyrmrest Accord – themselves not exactly very dear to me – asked the Alliance forces to assault the Sanctum in an attempt to kill the leader of the invading lizards: Sartharion. The Time and Tide mercenary group agreed to do the job, and as I have some expertise in disposing of these scaly beasts, I joined them in the assault.

Eight of us went inside. First we took on the three small cohorts of Satharion: Tenebron, Shadron, and Vesperon, before we engaged Sartharion himself.

The battle was short, fast-and furious, and fairly confusing, with meteor strikes bombarding us constantly, and huge flame waves sweeping over the battlefield time and again.

In the end, however, the fate that must come to all of these lizards also came to Sartharion, and he died with his disgusting blood oozing from a dozen wounds and, I am proud to add, an arrow protruding from his left eye.

Dragon Killed: Memory of Cyanigosa

What a nightmare! While competing in the Argent Tournament, I was confronted by a haunting image of a past foe, a living memory of the dragon Cyanigosa.

But, like her flesh-and-blood counterpart in the Violet Hold, this figment fell quickly to our blades and arrows.

She was hardly a worthy foe, but for completeness, I shall include this sprite in my diary.

Dragon Killed: Ley-Guardian Eregos

Another dragon from Malygos’ insane blue Dragonflight, Eregos, guarded the Oculus. The Oculus is a strange place, with many platforms floating in mid air, suspended by the use of magic – the very thing Malygos is attempting to fight. We came here to ensure that the path to Malygos was clear – and to make certain that Eregos would not

The construction of the Oculus – floating platforms – made it necessary for us to ride and fight on dragons ourselves for most of our attack on the site. At the very end, we engaged – and killed – Eregos himself, dealing a vital blow to Malygos’ forces.

Two of my companions plunged to their deaths, but we finally killed the beast.

Dragon Killed: Cyanigosa

One of the dragons I killed during my stay in Northrend was Cyanigosa, a mighty female blue dragon, sent by Malygos himself to assault Dalaran. She was attempting to free prisoners in the Violet Hold, barely held back by the Kirin Tor. Several others and myself entered and fought the dragonkin, the nasty creatures they did free, and in the end, Cyanigosa herself.

A dragon in a confined space can be interesting, but she did not put up much of a fight.

Her death meant that Malygos’ assault on Dalaran was doomed – and eventually, the Aspect of the blue dragonflight would fare no better than Cyanigosa.

Dragon Killed: Maylgos

Just prior to departing Northrend, we were called to take care of one of the many dangers the icy continent harbors: Malygos, the insane dragon, had long sought to kill the magic users of Azeroth under the pretext that they were a danger to the world.

The Kirin Tor, the mages who run Dalaran, took offense at someone trying to kill them, and when Malygos became a serious threat, they put a prize on the lizard’s head.

I joined a band of soldiers and adventurers and we assaulted the Nexus, Malygos’ lair. In a short but decisive battle, Malygos was killed, and Dalaran thus protected.

In their gratitude, the Kirin Tor granted me the title “Champion of the Frozen Wastes”. To be honest, this sounds a little too pretentious. I was never one to make a fuss over titles. Out there in the wilderness, all that counts are a sharp eye and a true arrow, not what some vellum scrolls says you are.