Dragon Killed: Maylgos

Just prior to departing Northrend, we were called to take care of one of the many dangers the icy continent harbors: Malygos, the insane dragon, had long sought to kill the magic users of Azeroth under the pretext that they were a danger to the world.

The Kirin Tor, the mages who run Dalaran, took offense at someone trying to kill them, and when Malygos became a serious threat, they put a prize on the lizard’s head.

I joined a band of soldiers and adventurers and we assaulted the Nexus, Malygos’ lair. In a short but decisive battle, Malygos was killed, and Dalaran thus protected.

In their gratitude, the Kirin Tor granted me the title “Champion of the Frozen Wastes”. To be honest, this sounds a little too pretentious. I was never one to make a fuss over titles. Out there in the wilderness, all that counts are a sharp eye and a true arrow, not what some vellum scrolls says you are.

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