Dragon Killed: Hemathion

I probably wouldn’t make an individual post about it, but this is kind of, sort of, special to me. Today I killed Hemathion, the rare Dragon in Blade’s Edge mountain.

Hemathion is dead

Hemathion is dead

That’s not the special part. However, as you probably know, Blizzard has changed World of Warcraft achievements to be account-based rather than character based – a change I have waited for ever since achievements were introduced! As it turns out, I had already killed all the monsters needed for the “Bloody Rare” achievement – except Hemathion.

And so, after two days of checking at random intervals, Kitiralaysha now has an achievement worth of a hunter.

Bloody Rare, Indeed

Bloody Rare, Indeed

(I’ve probably killed most of the creatures with alts, but it still counts!)

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2 Responses to Dragon Killed: Hemathion

  1. Melissa C. says:

    How long did you wait for the dragon? I want the cloth chest piece he drops Drakeweave Raiment and i have never seen him or come upon a corpse of this very rare monster.

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