Faction- and Server Switch

While it hurt me a little, Kitiralaysha Summernight is now a Blood Elf. She also moved to the (German) Blackhand server. The reason is simple; while I love Earthen Ring and the Pact of Wolves guild, that guild is simply not doing anything. A few members raid with Time and Tide, but there’s never anything being organized as a guild – and there are not enough people for it, either.

Mojo Madness, on the other hand, has a good chance of clearing 10-Man content, at least on non-Heroic, and some of the members are old friends of mine from Hamburg.

Kitira was the character chosen because of the needs of Mojo Madness. I’ll convert Kitira back to a Night Elf, some day, but for now she is in Blood Elf guise.

She will still kill dragons. That’s the important part.

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