Soloing: Hellfire Peninsula Dungeons

I started off my soloing ventures by doing the three dungeons located in hellfire Peninusla: Ramparts, Blood Furnace, and Shattered Halls. I didn’t expect any of them to be a challenge and I was not disappointed, they were all really easy. I still need a decent setup for my keybindings, and I need a better macro solution to work misdirection in, but that’s why I am starting off with the easy dungeons.

I didn’t obtain anything overly unusual or special – and I found myself reminded at how ugly most of the Burning Crusade loot was. The one item I found I actually like is the Skyfire Hawk-Bow. It’s one of the better looking bows I’ve discovered so far.

The Best Laid Plans

The Cataclysm hit and I missed it…

Between my job, a new girlfriend, and more things to do at said new job I have hardly been playing since last year. I did level some character, including Kitiralaysha to level 85, but simply couldn’t get raid-ready with the time available to me. In the end I decided to quit the Raid Group I was a member of, and went on a Hiatus.

That hiatus has now ended and I made some progress in getting Kitira decent equipment. It still isn’t quite at a raid level, but it’s okay. My “in character” narrative, unfortunately, won’t be happening – I did too much in between, and I have too little time. On top of everything, I am almost certainly going to migrate to a different server, to play with real life friends there, which means Kitira may morph from a Night Elf into a Blood Elf. At least temporarily.

In the meantime, I will try to do what I always wanted to get into with Kitira, and that is, I will try to solo stuff. I am not a stellar player any way you want to look at it – I am a decent DPS though – and I figure that is something that may help me practice. Besides, that’s something I can do at my own pace and it will be fairly satisfactory to get various things down. I actually should start a new blog for that, but hey, I already have too many blogs, so I will just recycle this one.

OOC: Bring me the head of the headless… oh, wait.

I was fairly lucky: I got three Headless Horseman horses this year (so far). Even if they increased the drop chance, this sounds unlikely. My Paladin got one, my Death Knight got one, well, and now Kitiralaysha also got one. The Headless Horseman horse is probably one of the most beautiful mounts in the game, in my opinion. Unfortunately, for my “dragon hunter” character, it won’t be quite so suitable, so this is an out of character post.

Red Proto-Drake Mount

I did not return from Northrend empty handed. I hunt dragons – but I do not always kill them. Sometimes, they prefer submission to death, and that’s how I came by this beautiful, if thick-headed and brutish, beast:

The red Proto-Drake was to be made into a set of bags, but instead it now carries me from place to place. So far it has been quite loyal, knowing well that my blade and especially my sure arrow are never out of reach.

Dragon Killed: Sindragosa

I was not part of the final assault on the Frozen Throne – but I did join in the battle that took down the Lich King’s undead dragon minion, Sindragosa.

The dracolich attacked us relentlessly, freezing our soldiers in ice blocks, and spewing icy breath from the air.

It did her no good. In the end her skeletal corpse was just another pile of bones on the floor.