Kitiralaysha Summernight is Back

It’s been ten months – but I am back.

After my transfer to the Horde side, I raided a bit – but we were never successful. The raid group I joined fell apart because certain people just wouldn’t put any effort into it. They signed up for farm runs with easy loot, but we couldn’t get full Ragnaros groups after a few evenings. Too bad, some nice people there.

After that, I went on to Star Wars: The Old Republic, and even though “It’s got Lightsabers!” – as Sheldon would say – the game just didn’t captivate me enough to stick around. I stopped playing in February and unsubscribed soon after.

Besides Mass Effect 3 (big disappointment) and Minecraft (addiction!) I did not play much at all in the meantime. A month or so ago, Blizzard stopped charging for the guild chat functionality of the iPhone armory application. I decided to say “Hi” to my old guild mates, and, well. They bugged me until I signed back in.

And so here I am again. Kitira is back on Earthen Ring and a Night Elf again, as is proper. I guess you just never really quit World of Warcraft once the gaming addiction has got you…

Kitiralaysha Summernight: Back in Night Elf Shape

Kitiralaysha Summernight: Back in Night Elf Shape

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